Allegro Pure Olive Oil

The newly launched Allegro Pure Olive Oil pack is modern, contemporary, showcases the goodness of Mediterranean olives and it caters to the non-culinary usage of Olive Oil. The high MUFA Oil from Spanish origin is ideal for Baby Massage, Skin Care and Hair Care.

Pristine Fillings & Decors

Introducing Fillings & Decors, our latest range of bakery ingredients perfectly engineered to fulfil the dreams of passionate bakers. With this new range of Decors & Fillings, Pristine is all set to become a one-stop solution for all your baking needs.

Pristine 1kg Smart Pack

Pristine Introduces 1 kg Smart Pack of Cake and Sponge Mix, which come in the all purpose vegetarian category with Vanilla and Chocolate Flavour. Pristine Cake Premix helps you get a consistent and standardized output with ease without investing too much time on working out the recipe for your base. This `Smart Pack’ is both easy to handle and convenient to store. It is packed in an automated state-of-the-art facility with Zero human touch thereby maintaining the highest safety standards.

Pristine 1KG Smart Pack

London Dairy Sticks

Relish London Dairy’s sticks and bars for on-the-go refreshment. Available in exotic flavours such as Almond, Berries and Cream, Belgian Chocolate and Hazelnut.


London Dairy Cups

London Dairy Premium Ice Cream is that one dessert that not only satisfies our sweet tooth but also our craving for sheer indulgence. So go ahead and revel in indulgent desserts packed with the rich and creamy flavours of London Dairy!


London Dairy Tubs

Crafted with the finest ingredients from around the world, London Dairy offers a truly delectable ice cream experience with a wide assortment of international flavours available in Take-Home packs and cups.


Sunny Groundnut Oil (1L & 5L)

The rich taste has many factors that contribute to its freshness of ingredients, their quality, the flavour they withhold and their inherent aroma. The expeller technique of extracting oils preserves essentials in Sunny Groundnut oil and leaves with a wonderful nutty taste. Sunny Groundnut Oil is filtered out from the best quality of groundnuts and the goodness of fatty acids (SFA, MUFA & PUFA) in balanced proportions which gives your family a delicious and healthy meal.


India Manufacturing Excellence Award (IMEA)

Our Oils & Fats plant at Khopoli wins Silver Award at India Manufacturing Excellence Award (IMEA).

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